Our Story

From the first day we served our first client, our goal has remained
the same, to offer our customers their heart’s desire.
We are apart of a larger regional jewelry wholesales that specializes
in precious like gold and silver.

We’re here for you

We welcomed our first customers in 1974 in Austin, Texas. A lot of years have passed and millions of customers served, yet everyday we still work to make our customers’ lives easier. Today, at more than 500 pawn shops nationwide, we help hardworking, everyday people get quick access to cash and brand-name merchandise by pawning or selling quality items. From beginning to end, we take pride in making the process easy. We never lose sight of our promise to deliver great customer service.

Our Values

People Matter Most

  • Customer experience…treat our customers as we would want to be treated
  • Passionate, Friendly, and Knowledgeable Team Members
  • Community involvement…we’re part of your community and work to make it better for all of us.

We Deliver Solutions For Our Customers

  • Varied Geographies, Delivery Mechanism, Formats, and Products
  • Always Transparent
  • Online access for our customer’s convenience

We Deliver On Our Commitments

  • As a Team
  • With honest, Integrity, and Respect

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