How to Sell My Jewelry, Avoid Being Scammed and Get the Most Money

how to sell my jewelry

Besides being classic and lustrous ornaments, your quality jewelry is also an excellent investment or heirloom. Discover how you can turn the ornaments you no longer wear into cash to help pay for your vacation, car, or whatever else you value. We shall give you helpful tips about “how to sell my jewelry” and get the best price in the market.

How Can I Sell My Gold and Not Get Scammed?

Selling high-end rings, bracelets, chains, or watches you no longer wear can prove to be an uphill task if you do not know what to expect. You must find the answer to the question, “how to sell my jewelry for the best market price?” before you take your vintage ring or fancy diamond trinkets to a local pawnshop.

The first decision you can take is to know the value of your jewels. You can find a certified gemologist or goldsmith to help you evaluate your precious ornaments

Second, you can get multiple opinions. Compare the results of your evaluation with various online shops or local pawn stores before selling your quality jewelry for the best price. Estimates from three or four can help you determine where to sell your gold or diamond trinkets. The comparison process is one of the best solutions to your quest for “how to sell my jewelry” at a fair price.

However, the mystery of “how to sell my jewelry” requires that you research the online company or store you before starting the selling process. A credible jewelry buyer is likely to be listed in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Of course, investigate your buyer’s accreditation and avoid selling to gold merchants who change their names and locations frequently.

What Is a Fair Price for Selling Quality Jewelry?

Here is how you can understand the “how to sell my jewelry for a fair price” dilemma. You can get between 80-95% if you sell gold bars or coins. But some outlets that advertise to buy precious stones and other valuable ornaments pay as low as 40-45% of the appraised value. Pawn Shops may pay a meager 20%. However, a reputable source of the American Society of Appraisers recommends you need to receive at least 65 -88% of the value of your classic ornament at a fair price.

What to Expect–How to sell my Jewelry

An appraisal is one of the best tips for “how to sell my jewelry.” Most appraisers have an hourly charge. The process may take about one hour for a simple diamond ring or over three hours to evaluate an item with multiple diamonds and elaborate settings.  

Sell your ornaments as-is or dispose of the jewels for the price of the valuable materials in the piece. Your appraiser can help you decide whether you can make the most cash by selling your quality jewelry in its original form or for scrap. Vintage ornaments and other hand-finished pieces by well-known designers can fetch you more money when sold in their original form. 


One of the best ways to ensure that you sell your precious ornaments for a fair price is by having your piece evaluated by a credible goldsmith. You need first to shop around for the best jeweler before you finally sell your jewels. Some places to sell your jewelry pieces include online shops such as Etsy and eBay. You can either sell your ornament as-is or for the value of its materials.

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