Where Can I Sell Jewelry?

Where to Buy Your Jewelry?

Are you thinking of selling some of your most prized pieces? If you want to declutter and make space for new jewelry or need jewelry, then it’s only right that you resell your pre-owned jewels. But where can you do this, and what’s the process involved? The truth is that there are many places where you can resell your gemstones. Different buyers have different requirements, e.g., type of jewelry, quality, karat, etc. But finding a buyer who will purchase your jewels at a reasonable price without ripping you off can be quite complex. To ensure that you get value for money for your treasure and gems, below is an overview of the best jewelers online and highlights the factors to consider when pitching for sale.

Where Can I Sell Jewelry?

There are multiple options that you can use to resell your fine assets. If you have gold, diamond, silver, gemstone, and other prized pieces of jewelry, then you can sell them in:

Professional jewelry buyers with online stores.

  • Pawnshops
  • Auction houses
  • Online marketplaces
  • Local jewelry stores
  • Consignment shops

Why Should You Sell Unused or Unwanted Jewelry?

For most people, jewelry is prized collections usually stored in locked safes. Some people even have strong emotional connections to them based on acquisition circumstances. But there are pieces of jewelry that you know you will never wear, use, or gift someone. In that case, you should consider selling them. It doesn’t have to be an old diamond ring, unwanted gold bracelet, or anything that is no longer important and unused should probably be sold. So, why should you sell them?

Urgent Need for Money

If you need instant cash, you should probably consider selling your unused jewelry. This usually comes in handy, especially if you have a short-term emergency. One precious piece of jewelry could quickly compensate for the financial deficit you are experiencing.

Suitable Mortgage Option

Sometimes finding the right financial cushioning, especially when you want to loan a lender, isn’t easy. For instance, if you are thinking about buying a home and want to take a mortgage loan, your jewelry could come in handy. A good quantity of gold can compensate for your mortgage deficit, and rather than taking a loan from a lender; you can sell it. Alternatively, you can use your jewelry as collateral when searching for a good mortgage.

Take Advantage of Market Needs

It should be noted that gold prices were not that high a few years. This means that it wasn’t ideal to sell your gold ornaments since they wouldn’t fetch good returns. Currently, the price of gold is relatively high, with a matching level of demand. This means that you can sell your old jewelry pieces at reasonable prices and even get good profits.

No Other Use

Why not just sell your jewelry instead of the unused pieces robbing you of your space? Sometimes you might not need cash or anything. But it would be reasonable to do away with unused items in your possession.

What Are the Best Places to Sell Jewelry?

There is a wide range of places to purchase gold, diamond, silver, and platinum jewelry. However, Gold Buyers Near Me is a reputable, A+ rated, GIA Certified Gemologist(on call) who offers you the best payout for your prized asset. At Gold buyers Near me, you get instant settlement by walk-ins and 24 hours or less via mail.

There are also other alternatives, such as CashforGoldUSA that offers great deals for jewelry buyers.

Who are the Best Jewelry Buyers in the US?

The jewelry buying sector in the industry is quite competitive. Even so, you are guaranteed to earn more than selling your precious jewels at your local pawn shop. If you are looking for the best online store to make purchases, here are the top-rated brands:

Gold Buyers Near Me

Gold Buyers Near Me offers sellers more than 98% of the current market price. This jewelry store makes massive purchases nationwide, and regardless of your location, you can conveniently state your offer for broken or unwanted jewelry. You don’t have to deal with buyers who offer you peanuts when Gold Buyers Near Me ensures that you receive the true market value. This store buys more than just gold, including:

Scrap Gold, Dental, and Estate Jewelry

Gold Buyers Near Me buys all types of legit scrape gold, providing you with an easier way of making extra cash faster. This is a reputable buyer that specializes in the purchase of pre-owned metals. The appraisal process usually involves determining the karat and weight of your jewelry, and you will be contacted as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) regarding the amount of approved payment. In addition  those that use Gold Buyers Near Me can get further discount buy buying jewelry directly thru their website.


Gold Buyers Near Me takes diamonds in all shapes, carat sizes, colors, and clarity. This includes pear, round, princess, etc. Note that almost 40% of a diamond’s value is usually determined by the cut, while 30% of its value is determined by color and 25% determined by clarity.

Fine watches

Gold Buyers Near Me determines to watch value based on brand and model. So, not every watch design will be bought. This store plans to purchase hundreds of watch models from over 50 brands. But the underlying condition is that the watch should have a current market value of $1000.They include:

  • Pocket and luxury wristwatches
  • Omega and Patek Philippe
  • Tiffany & Co., Rolex, and Piaget
  • Tourbillion, TAG Heuer, and Chopard

Gold coins and bullions

Gold coins and bullions will always be in demand, and that’s why Gold Buyers Near Me usually capitalize on them. This is a shop where you can buy and sell gold and silver coins in addition to silver antique

Payment Options

Note that this shop usually processes payment within 24 hours. This is a national brand hence an online search for Gold Buyers Near Me will give you access to the nearby buyers who will receive your package. Generally, payments are made on the same day, and there are several options for receiving your funds, including:

  • Direct Deposit: within 1-2 days
  • PayPal : Immediate deposit
  • Company check: mailed in the next business day

Gold Buyer Payout

Gold Buyers Near Me pays up to 98.50% of the current market price for scrap gold and gold bullion. Those selling silver can receive up to 85% of the market price for silver coins, bullion, or sterling jewelry/flatware. Platinum jewelry can cost up to 85%, including all forms of industrial platinum.

Pros of Gold Buyers Near Me

  • Easily accessible and offers discreetness with a private walk-in center
  • Higher buyout and quick payout, i.e., within 24 hours
  • A simple buying process
  • The brand buys a wide range of jewelry in different forms, including diamond, gold, silver, etc.
  • Free insurance up to $10K in addition to tracking by FedEx

Con of Gold Buyers

  • Jewelry prices are based on a single valuation
  • Initial insurance coverage is lower than other online brokers

Alternative Jewelry Buyers

There is no doubt that Gold Buyers Near Me is one of the best places to sell jewelry, especially when you want to make quick sales. However, there are other reputable online sellers that you should consider checking out, and they include:


It’s a top-rated online jewelry site in the US. CashforGoldUSA is a versatile brand with sister sites such as CashforSilverUSA and CashforDiamondUSA. This is a brand that has been around for decades; hence you can rely on it. Reviews show that it offers 100% customer satisfaction with one of the highest jewelry purchase prices on the market.

CashforGoldUSA offers sellers payouts within 24 hours, and your item can be insured for up to $100,000. Besides that, you are guaranteed a 10% bonus above the estimated pay if you ship your items within seven days. This is a verified and reputable brand that has a BBB profile. More information on what you need to know can be found here.

Pros of CashforGoldUSA

  • Accepts different types of jewelry, including gold, diamond, and silver
  • Offers 10% bonus for items shipped within seven days
  • A reputable buyer with an A+ BBB rating
  • Sellers are guaranteed item insurance ranging between $5000 and $100,000.
  • Pays within 24 hours

Cons of CashforGoldUSA

  • Doesn’t specialize in designer jewelry, high-end jewelry, or large diamonds.
  • Price offered based on a single valuation of the jewelry item


Previously known as Mondiamo, Circa has performed well to become a top-rated jewelry shop. The online jewelry buyer is one of the leading retailers for diamond engagement rings, having partnered with BlueNile. It has a BBB A+ rating which means that its profile is reputable.

With 11 physical locations in the US, Circa is a good alternative for those seeking to sell high-end jewelry. Besides that, it also accepts .4 carat diamonds or higher and engagement rings.

Circa’s purchase profile is quite diverse since you can also sell to them Retro, Antique, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Edwardian, and others. This shop pays jewelry sellers in cash, and you can schedule an online or in-person appointment.

Pros of Circa

  • A high price guarantee due to the absence of a middleman
  • Your delivery and returns are fully insured by FedEx
  • Offers a high level of client transparency

Cons of Circa

  • Its offer lasts for seven days only, and after this period elapses, you must start again
  • Circa only buys diamond jewelry with at least .4 carats


If you have high-end jewelry or a large diamond, Worthy is one of the best places to sell your item. The reputable buyer takes prized clutter in the form of unworn, old, or fine jewelry, including watches, earrings, necklaces, and brooches, among others. Everything counts, whether it’s a wedding ring, gift, or inherited items. Worthy also buys branded items featuring high-end jewelry from Cartier and Tiffany.

The best thing about it is that your items will be prized based on a single valuation but will be placed in an online marketplace where hundreds of vetted buyers make bids. Worthy has an A+ BBB profile, and buyers can be cushioned against making losses with up to $100,000 insurance that London’s Lloyds cover. You can learn how Worthy works by following these three steps.

Pros of Worthy

  • Get value for money for your most prized assets
  • Has an A+ BBB rating
  • Offers access to free lab reports

Con of Worthy

  • The selling process is complicated and time-consuming

WP Diamonds

It’s another reputable brand that buys diamond and luxury jewelry at a great resale price. WP Diamonds has built its solid reputation over the years to become a household name that’s keen to buy your offers at a reasonable price.

While this is more of a traditional platform, the buying process and compensation make this brand stand out. It has in-house jewelry experts who professionally evaluate jewelry items before giving out the appropriate offer. Additionally, a team of trained and experienced GIA gemologists and industry veterans have the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to correctly price your jewelry based on its state and the current diamond market. Every legitimate jewelry you want to sell is an asset, and that’s why WP Diamonds has racked in hundreds of positive customer reviews.

Pros of WP Diamonds

  • Reputable buyers with an excellent A+ BBB rating
  • Numerous positive customer reviews
  • Simple and easily navigable website
  • Get value for money after comprehensive jewelry analysis by experts
  • You can do business via phone or email

Cons of WP Diamonds

  • Its marketplace offers a rigid price listing with no room for negotiation
  • Jewelry evaluations are made solely by an internal appraiser who might be biased

So, among all these retail shops, which one should you choose? Well, it all depends on your preferences, the type of jewelry you have, and your location. Comparing all these buyers:

Gold Buyers Near Me is quite versatile and offers customers much-needed flexibility. The buying process is also quite simple. This is what you would experience if you were using Circa.

Meanwhile, Worthy doesn’t buy your jewelry directly but instead acts as an auction platform. You have high chances of coming across great bidders, but this may take time. Comparing Circa and CashforGoldUSA, the former specializes in high-end or designer jewelry while the latter focuses on smaller diamonds and scrap metals.

What to do When Selling Jewelry Online

Even though different buyers might have different requirements, the process is almost the same. If you are interested in selling a few items from your prized possession, here is what you need to do when dealing with a buyer such as Gold Buyers Near Me.

  • Search online for Gold Buyers Near Me and pick the contact details.
  • You may opt to make a call or email them.
  • Depending on the agreement, you can ship your valuables through the desired company. This shop has a Declared Value Exception (DVX) to insure your valuables to $25,0000.
  • Your shipment will be evaluated upon arrival, and you will be contacted on the same day with a payout suggestion.
  • Once you approve the payout, payment will be arranged.

Factors to Consider When Selling Jewelry

It’s common for people to sell their jewelry ornaments for cash or when they need new replacements. If you want to sell your precious items, there are several factors that you need to avoid falling victim to scams or experiencing disappointing situations. Having the right market knowledge will ensure that you get value for your money. Some of the things that you need to know before selling your jewelry include:

Your Invoice

Legitimate jewel dealers who purchase secondhand items will always ask you for receipts or invoices. This is important for their record-keeping and ensuring that they purchase from the real owner. If you don’t have your invoice, you should consider going back to the retailer where you previously made purchases for a new receipt. This will help to minimize the chances of a conflict.

Jewelry’s Purity

It is important that you get paid based on the jewelry’s pureness. It should be noted that jewelry items hallmarked 916 usually have good value for money since these items have an equivalent of almost 91% pureness. 916 is the trademark of premium gold jewelry.

But even if your item isn’t hallmarked, its value can still be determined by the carat meter. Dealers usually test a jewelry’s final pureness to determine its value so make sure you have a certificate highlighting purity.


Luxury or designer jewelry from certain brands usually holds their value even if they are pre-owned. That’s why you find that items from Tiffany & Co., Channel, and Cartier normally fetch higher resale prices than a piece of an unsigned solitaire ring, even though they might have almost the same type of qualities.

This is because luxury designers have high levels of desirability, and people are always looking for such collections at affordable prices.

Market Value

Your piece of jewelry might not be from a reputable brand such as Cartier, but it has a high level of desirability. This will influence its salability since its design and materials have high consumer demand

Consider Multiple Shops

There are numerous stores that buy used or old jewelry. However, you shouldn’t just stick to one retailer. It’s important to get quotations from multiple shops before you finally zero down on the one store that can perfectly cater to your needs. It’s also important to consider those stores with higher review ratings online.

How to Sell Jewelry

Do you want to sell jewelry but don’t know how to go about it? Well, there are several methods that you can use to get cash, depending on the shop you choose:

At a Gold Store

It’s a favorite for most people since it’s easily accessible. However, you should understand that this place is only ideal for those selling old jewelry with little or moderate worth. So, you can decide to scrap gold or simply recycle it. Gold Buyers, for instance, will take your scrap, broken jewelry, and other relatable valuables in person or online for cash.

At a Local Jewelry

Suppose you want to get paid your cash right there and then sell your jewelry at a local jeweler. However, you should be prepared to get a fair value for your item. Most local jewelers offer walk-in services, or you can schedule an appointment. Based on their findings, your local jeweler will be responsible for the appraisal and give you the estimate.

To ensure that you get value for your money, it would be best to visit several local jewelers to get multiple opinions regarding your items before you can finally sell them. If you want to use a site such as Gold Buyers Near Me, you can check on Yelp or do a Google search. Ensure that you consider the jewelers BBB rating if you want to find a trustworthy buyer.

Online Marketplaces

With the advent of social media, online marketplaces have become quite popular, e.g., Facebook. Besides that, specific online retail places are designed to sell and buy a wide range of items, including ornaments, e.g., eBay and Etsy. These are some of the best places to sell your fine jewelry, especially if you do not need quick cash.

At a Pawn Shop

This is another excellent option, especially if you are looking for quick cash. Pawnbrokers normally offer sellers a decent jewelry option for gold, diamond, silver, and other prized ornaments that you may possess, including precious or unique metals.

However, the retail value of your jewelry will be significantly low. You should expect to get around 30% of your jewelry’s retail value. But you can still shop around and find the best pawn shop with excellent prices.

Pawnshops attract people from all walks of life because they offer:


Most jewelry stores usually look for gold, diamond, and silver items still in pristine conditions. Besides that, some only deal with pre-owned designer pieces or those from a specific historical period. This can make it challenging for those sellers who have genuine jewelry pieces but don’t know where to sell them.

The flexibility that pawnshops offer makes them ideal for buying gold, silver, and diamond pieces. The condition of your item will determine the appraisal value in addition to the current market prices. Whether you have a scarp or a highly-priced value, the pawnbroker will simply give you an offer based on your item’s intrinsic worth.


The speed of transactions at pawnshops is usually higher. Generally, there are multiple steps involved before getting an appraisal for your jewelry if you decide to use an online shop. This is usually time-consuming and may prove to be disadvantageous, especially when looking for a quick source of cash.

On the other hand, Pawnshops offer speedy transactions that help to ensure that you get your money safely and quickly. Once you agree on the item’s price, you will leave the store with cash.


As stated above, pawnbrokers usually base jewelry pricing on its intricacy and the materials used to design it, e.g., precious stones. That’s why a unique bracelet may fetch more money than you had initially hoped for.

But you need to understand that most pawnshops constantly market the current market trends regarding the prices of precious metals before adjusting their buying prices. So, if the market has taken a dip, you will also get a cheaper value.

The above-reviewed places are the best when it comes to selling jewelry. However, you can also access other forms of marketplaces such as specific jewelry auction sites such as Property Room, Sotheby’s, and Christie’s. They are ideal areas for selling fine jewelry, and you can get good returns.

Selling Jewelry FAQs

Q: Should I Sell Unused or Unwanted Jewelry?

A: yes, especially if you have no interest in keeping such items or gifting someone in the future. Selling them will ensure that you get money and clear your indoor space against unwanted clutter.

Q: What’s the Best Place to Sell Jewelry Near Me?

A: It all depends on the location and brand you intend to work with. If it’s Gold Buyer Near Me, then a quick online search for would give you the relevant results. It’s always nice to work with a local jeweler since this makes shipments/returns or walk-ins easier.

Q: Can I Sell My Jewelry to a Local Retail Store?

A: Yes. But you should do due diligence to find a reputable jeweler near you. This is because you need to do business with a brand or jeweler you can trust. Don’t be quick to make sales but do your research. Alternatively, you can send your prized items to buyers such as Gold Buyers, Worthy, Circa, or CashforGoldUSA.

Q: What are Some of the Best Online Jewelers I Should Consider?

A: There is a wide range, and they offer different types of services. But from this review, we recommend the likes of Gold Buyer, Worthy, WP Diamonds, CashforGoldUSA, and Circa. These are reputable brands with international profiles. Besides that, they have been in the business for quite a long time; hence you are guaranteed high-value appraisals and almost instant payments.

Q: Should I Consider Insurance When Choosing an Online Jeweler?

A: Absolutely! The fact that you will be shipping your items to them means that you should be covered for theft, accidental damage, or loss at a bare minimum. That’s why it’s important that you only work with reputable shops.

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