The Rolex Submariner Is A Must For Every Man

Why The Rolex Submariner Is A Must For Every Man

Since its debut in 1953, the Rolex Submariner has dominated not only the dive watch category but also the sports watch category in general. When you say luxury wristwatch, we believe a big number of people envision something resembling a Rolex Submariner in their minds, whether they realize it or not. The Rolex Submariner has been worn by world dignitaries, movie idols, sports legends, and pretty much any other notable person you can think of. The Submariner popularized the concept of a black-dialled stainless steel watch with a rotating time bezel, luminous hands, and a comfortable band. For this reason, the Rolex Submariner is a must for every man.

Why else do men all over the world long for a Rolex Submariner? Let us take a look. 

It is a statement of power

There is a reason why some of the most powerful and renowned people in the world wear a Rolex watch. Because it denotes power, strength, and leadership, this brand is embraced by everyone from famous Hollywood stars to sportspeople, political figures and musicians.

By possessing one of the world’s most powerful statement watches, you can follow in the footsteps of the world’s most famous people.

It is a classic timepiece

Some brands revolve around fads that come and go as their popularity ebbs and flows. Rolex watches, on the other hand, are timeless masterpieces in every way, from their design to their functionality to their high calibre. That is why they defy the passage of time and remain stylish as the years go by.

Another tempting part of owning a classic item like the Rolex Submariner is that it goes with everything. Not only is it appropriate for the boardroom, but you can also wear it to an evening party or pair it with casual apparel after leaving the corporate meeting room. The brand’s evident distinguishing features include its modest design.

It is excellent value for money

In the case of some luxury brands, the moniker and notoriety may not appear to support the price when it comes to quality. When it comes to the Rolex Submariner, this is not applicable.

Rolex watches are designed and manufactured with precise and thorough attention to ensure that every piece results in the highest quality finished product. To give you the best quality watch possible, each component has been carefully selected from the world’s greatest possibilities.

These high-end timepieces are built from the most corrosion-resistant steel alloy, 904L, or 18k gold with an increased shine to maintain their lustre. In addition, the company has a dedicated gemological branch that sources and validates the most precious diamonds and jewels.

Each watch is then subjected to a series of final checks to ensure that it meets or surpasses the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute’s watchmaking standards.

All of these painstaking efforts are implemented to ensure that each watch is well worth its price and is not only reliant on its elite reputation.

They have a rich history and are a conversation starter

Every notable model of this renowned watch manufacturer has an intriguing backstory. This is why these watches are known as the “tool watch.” So many of the brand’s legendary models were designed and produced to achieve specific, practical, and often thrilling and adventurous objectives.

Pan American World Airways, for example, commissioned the construction of the GMT-Master in 1959 to allow their pilots to navigate the first non-stop intercontinental flight from New York to Moscow, in order to avoid the newly found problem of jetlag.

In a different scenario, Rolex introduced the Milgauss model for people who operate in high-electromagnetic environments, such as nuclear power plants, while the Submariner was designed for deep-sea divers.

It is a symbol of endurance

Rolex watches are put through rigorous endurance stress tests. Countless drop tests, numerous immersions in tanks of saltwater, sand water, and chlorine water, as well as numerous other tests to ensure durability, resilience, and strength, are examples.

These watches can survive harsh temperatures, whereas most other watches would stop working immediately or gradually. As a result, they are a sign of strength, durability, luxury, and prestige.

They are handcrafted

As corny as it may sound, when you buy a Rolex, you are paying for time. The time it takes to manually build and embellish this luxury clock, each of whose separate components takes a long time to complete.

Each watch’s bezel takes 40 hours to finish, and even the band takes time to build. The gold, as well as the bezel, bracelet, dial, and case, are all produced in-house.

Hours of arduous effort go into the manufacture of each timepiece, followed by a never-ending series of stress testing to verify that the watch is worth its price.

It continues to grow in value

Although it varies depending on the model, Rolex watches generally hold their worth throughout time. In reality, some models, particularly vintage and limited-edition pieces, gain in value.

Many people buy this timepiece as an investment, and the watch serves a second purpose as a precious object that grows in value over time.

On the surface, there is a myriad of reasons to purchase such a pricey and luxurious piece: to own a serious watch, to communicate a degree of professional success, to commemorate a big achievement or just because

But, at the heart of it all, are the underlying reasons that men’s Rolex watches such as the Rolex Submariner have become the obvious status symbol that they are. Wearing a watch from this brand is like wearing a clock that represents history, tradition, power, success, and strength. And that is why the Rolex Submariner is a must have for men.

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