What Is the Top Most Popular Watch in 2022?

Omega the most popular watch in 2022

The most popular watch in 2022 has a competitive purchase price, high resale value, unbeatable class, and premium functionality. When you think of the most popular, you probably imagine luxury. You don’t need to purchase these watches for personal use; you may buy them and sell them later at a profit. But choosing the best watch to invest in 2022 can be challenging depending on the different varieties. This blog has created a list of 5 timepieces you can readily purchase in 2022. You are in the perfect post if you are looking for the topmost watch in 2022. Here is the list of the most popular 2022 watches:

  • Omega
  • Longines
  • Breitling
  • Oris 
  • Rolex

The 600 meters diver watch, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean price begins from $5,900. Omega has been in the market before, but due to “Beijing’s Olympic winter games” celebrations, Omega has taken the least time to release the beautiful variety of its “Seamaster Aqua Terra,” which has numerous unique specifics. The knob is white ceramic and frost-patterned, the blue indexes and hands shine with “super-LumiNova”; its case is marked with the Beijing 2022 logo. Omega also comes in a unique Games-themed package.    

2. Longines

The price of Longines La Grande Classique watch for women begins from $1300. The Longines watch is one of the well-priced and well-designed timepieces in 2022, which made the wristwatch brand among the top most popular watch brands in 2022. Longinese’s Spirit Collection was implemented in 2020 and offered an aviation-defined rigid, neat aesthetic for clear readability. Longines’  latest design comes in titanium and goes for approximately $2,860. It has the steel to show whether it is certified or not.

3. Breitling 

The price of Breitling Top Time is about $5000. Because of its Super AVI, Breitling is among the top most popular watches in 2022. Super AVI is a new line from pilot timepiece experts Breitling, a unique celebration of aviation antiquity with styles motivated by four classic airplanes of last year. They include Vought F4U Corsair, the North American Aviation p-5I Mustang, the de Havilland Mosquito and the Curtiss p-40 Warhawk.

One of these most popular watch in 2022 is the Super AVI mosquito. It is designed with a combination of polished and satin-shined black iron bezel and a black handle with shiny divergent chronograph counters. Its orange and red features recall the markings and roundels found on the plane named the wooden wonder.

4. Oris  

The Oris Aquis costs between $1k and $3,000.

Like every other industry, the timepiece firm got the challenges for sustainability lately with different outcomes. Oris watches company, whose watches already provided few of the most acceptable value for expenditures in the luxury watch market, has been leading that curve for long, supporting several ethical-moral practices in the universe. Oris announced that by the beginning of 2022, it would be climate neutral not only to its company but also to its watches, boutiques, and the entire shebang without any negative impact. The announcement made Oris be amongst the top most popular watches in 2022. To enhance its achievements, Oris has released a “limited-edition version” of the company’s “crown ProPilot” in honor of the 10th year of Botswana’s aeromedical rescue organization “Okavango Air Rescue,” which was inspired by nature. This watch mainly comes in green color. 

Rolex can be said to be the most popular watch in 2022. When you hear of Rolex, you imagine luxury. Indeed Rolex is a very luxurious timepiece that everybody would like to wear. Choosing a Rolex watch in 2022 can be tricky since they come in different designs and seem very attractive.  

  • Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 
  • Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel Ceramic Bezel
  • Rolex submariner 
  • Rolex GMT-Master

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Commonly referred to as Green Dial. It costs around $99,830. Before Mayer’s company signed with the ‘Rolex Daytona Collection‘ this timepiece was selling under “manufacturer’s suggested retail price.” After nine months, it traded for above $42,300. The price of this watch is shooting up because of the seal of approval from Mayer. Though this watch is currently a style icon, the 18ct yellow-gold timepiece was originally intended to be the best timing device for race drivers. The scale on this watch can read the average speed of the race car over a given distance. Due to these unique features, this watch has remained the most preferred watch in 2022.  

The mixture of a green dial (which is commonly related to wealth) and an 18ct gold makes this watch most attractive, thus making it amongst the top most popular watches in 2022. Again, this watch may appear bright green or black depending on the sun’s angle. Additionally, this watch can reserve power for three days when not worn.

Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel Ceramic Bezel

They are the hardest Rolex watch to find. Rolex Daytona Stainless steel timepiece is named in memory of America’s auto racing capitals. Superstars and the most prominent people commonly wear Rolex Daytona. Thus, this watch symbolizes speed, authentic performance and luxury. And due to its high demand, even wristwatches with the most priceless materials can’t outdo them in the market, thus making this brand be among the top popular watch in 2022. A typical new brand of this watch sells at $15,850, but its resale cost is above $34,295, particularly with the “white-dial version.”

Rolex submariner

A Rolex submariner will be the best timepiece if you are looking for the top most popular watch in 2022. It’s waterproof with a shiny design. Rolex Submariner is sporty, durable and very attractive. It is the most preferred watch due to its durability and unique quality. As the quality advances, the price rises and the current submariners, particularly those with “ceramic bezels,” have their prices shooting every day. The latest Rolex submariner costs around $13,718 on chrono24, while the bigger former Rolex Submariner goes for about $12,575. Rolex Submariner is rarely found in the markets, and its price is rapidly increasing; therefore, you must be careful when purchasing one since you may buy its replica.

Rolex GMT-Master   

The Rolex GMT-Master has been on sale since 1950. It was specifically designed to aid pilots track various time zones at a time. The advancement to GMT II, which was in the 1990s, made this watch more than just a pilot’s device. It’s no surprise that Rolex GMT-Master is amongst the top most popular timepieces in 2022. It currently costs $13,718 – $19,434.


Watches are not only pieces of jewelry but also tools. Whether you aim to upgrade or add stock to your jewelry, luxurious and expensive watches are fashionable styles and tools used to perform specific tasks. Each timepiece brand comes in different designs, costs and functions. Though some of the top most popular watch in 2022 are still designed using old skills, the field of timepieces is vastly developing, and we can see that in the next few years, watches will be used in many areas like intelligence and security. 

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